Owl Necklaces is BACK 4.2.12

Dear Owl Necklaces Fans,

I just wanted to remind you all that I’m back making owl necklaces. It is nice to take time off from the things that you love… but even better to come back.  All orders that are placed from today until further notice will be shipped on my weekly shipping schedule. 

Happy spring,



Reminder… Owl Necklaces will be on vacation

Dear Owl Necklaces Fans,
Happy Spring! All orders placed between March 25- April 2nd will be shipped after April 2nd.
Please let me know if you have any questions!

Happy Spring

Dear Owl Necklaces Fans,
We are having unusually nice temperatures in Chicago this spring. I think all of the flowers think it is time to bloom and I love to look at them all. Here is a picture from Friday afternoon when I stopped to smell the flowers :)
Have a nice weekend! Deb

Happy Spring

Dear Owl Necklaces Fans,

A big hello to spring!  It has been a wild winter in Chicago with blizzards, heavy snow storms, and overall freezing temperatures.  I’m looking forward to the spring weather and flowers.  On that note, I do have a few spring favorite necklaces.  Take a look at the following links for my spring vintage lockets and necklaces.  I will continue to add blogs with spring favorites this week as well!

Cheers to warm weather!

Victorian Bridal Rose- This necklace is ivory colored vintage flower pendant.  It is great for all occasions.

La Petite Memory Rose Locket- A lovely locket necklace.  The locket is tiny and beautiful.  I used a yellow vintage flower design for this locket necklace.

A Tiny Surprise Locket Necklace- With it’s flower etched locket pendant, this necklace makes a great spring addition.

Hoot, Hoot, Hoot!

Sometimes I have to post….

Sometimes I have to post adorable pictures of my niece just because…. well…. she is darn cute and I want to share.  She went shopping yesterday to purchase a dress so she could look pretty for the lunch lady :)

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